God Can Use the Fallen

Jason Silver | Pastor and Author

falseguiltIt is unfortunate how quickly the Church writes off ministers who have blown it.  Many times, the truth is, that they’ve actually fallen from the pedestal that we’ve built out of our own expectations of what a Pastor should be. Why is that when someone blows it in the Church and or ministry, we think that they’re damaged goods, that they’ve somehow become useless in the Kingdom of God? Now if someone is “proud” of what they’ve done, that’s a different story. However I’m talking about people who know they’ve messed up, and they are full of Godly sorrow and remorse over it.

I heard a certain preacher, regarding a fallen minister, on Larry King live say, “Well, it’s too late, they need to be permanently removed from the Pastoral office, and have no place in ministry again!” I was like, “Really…?” What about King David? A man after God’s own heart. Oh! And he committed adultery, and then murder to cover it up! However, he was also “contrite”, which means: quick to genuinely repent, and be sorry before God for what one has done. Yet God doesn’t say to him, “That’s great David, but unfortunately you cannot be King anymore, in fact you cannot do anything for me any more because of what you have done.”  No, God does not say this at all. Now don’t get me wrong, David and his family suffered the consequences, but David blowing it big time did not render him useless in God’s purposes. Why? Because he genuinely repented.

Now Saul, the King before David, remember that guy? Yeah he blew it big time too! Yet he lost his throne. Why? Because he was not genuinely sorrowful for what he had done, in fact he justified it, and was proud of it! He was never restored to public ministry, in fact he was killed in battle. You see, God doesn’t oppose the fallen, as many in the Church would have us think. No, He opposes the proud. Let us not forget this, let us show mercy so that we will receive mercy when we need it ourselves… and we will. Let’s follow God’s ideal as set out in scripture for dealing with our own, and other’s failings. This is just a part of being the Church.

“What if I stumble? What if fall? What if I lose my step and I make fools of us all? Will the love continue, when my walk becomes a crawl? What if I stumble… what if I fall?”  DC TALK | Band


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