What It Means to Follow Christ

Jason Silver | Pastor and Author

thumbAs true Christians it means that we WHOLLY and COMPLETELY identify ourselves with Jesus Christ in everything we do. How the world feels about it is NOT OUR PROBLEM. I cannot do what the world wants me to do if it goes against that.

Some in the early Church lost their lives for identifying with Christ, that’s how committed they were to Him. Yet in North America today we’re so afraid we might offend someone. THE TRUTH OFFENDS! It’s supposed to… that’s what reveals our hearts so we can see, and not be blind to our need of Jesus. If we hide this from the world to spare their feelings…. how will they ever know. And we will stand before a Holy God one day and give an account for our silence.

I fear the North American Church has lost it’s way, there is no fear of God before our eyes any more. Not fear as in torment, but fear as in “Oh My God… You Are Holy!”  “And what you tell me to do I will do, and I will not fear what men might think , feel, or do to me.” This is what it means to follow Christ.



Copyright 2011-12 | Permission to copy, print, or use material is freely granted. Provided that the integrity of the material is not compromised in any manner.

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