The Danger of Elitism

leader1302131354Jason Silver | Pastor and Author

“For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.” Galatians 6:3

One of the most detrimental mindsets in the Christian church today and throughout history is that of elitism, ie. “I hear from God better than you do.”

It splits assemblies, creates schisms in otherwise strong relationships, and starts unbiblical movements that can shipwreck people’s faith.

We become unteachable when our own pride leads us to believe that our knowledge of God is superior to that of others. Being unteachable is often manifest and identified in ones declarations and actions such as, “There’s no church anywhere that believes the way I do.” Or you view everyone else but you, as not having enough faith. People like this look to gather others around them to lead; mainly people that have been hurt, offended, or in a place of weakness that need your supposed deep insight into the ” things of God.”

What people like this seem to forget is that “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” The only way out of this mindset is humility through repentance. To open oneself up to be teachable; especially to receive correction from unlikely sources within the Church body itself. And to realize that no one individual has all the answers.

All who have believed and declare that Christ is Lord; are the Church. Despite our differences in method and practice, if not unbiblical, we can all learn something from one another, in fact, God wants us to.

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