When the Going Gets Tough

Jason Silver  |  Pastor & Author

stress_ballIt’s unbelievable how many people I’ve run into lately that have left their churches. And it’s always for petty reasons, “I didn’t like how they did the offering.” “I didn’t like the music style.” “The Pastor wasn’t as friendly as I would have liked.”  Listen I could understand leaving a Church if they were preaching false teachings, denied the deity of Christ, or you were called out to another ministry. But these are rarely the reasons for most folks leaving.

I don’t understand this mentality in churches today??? It’s like some kind of rampid consumerism. When folks first come to your Church they love it, they say things like “Pastor we’re behind you all the way! Whatever you need, just ask!” But this offer stands only as long as they are happy with your performance, and you don’t preach anything that challenges them to change. Or they have a challenge or trial in a relationship with someone else in the Church.

Listen….The local Church is not a social club, it’s not there only to serve you and your desires. It’s purpose is to follow God’s desires and strive to be a representation of Jesus Christ body in the earth. Is any Church perfect in this purpose? NO! No! NO!

But it certainly doesn’t help when people keep leaving, and backing out of commitments every time they see something they don’t like in a Church. I ‘ve literally seen people do this for years, until there’s not one local church left that they haven’t found some fault with. So they just don’t go anywhere, they say things like, “Well I just read my Bible and seek Jesus at home…” Listen… if you get Jesus, you get His Church too! You cannot say you love God, but hate His body. It doesn’t work.

I’m not angry at anyone, but I am frustrated with this vicious cycle. I’ve grown up in the Church all my life, and this issue exists and persists in all Church circles. I watched so many minstries crash and burn. And what irks me about it is… it’s almost always an inside job.

Church… let’s get over our petty offenses and preference differences and get busy with spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of light and hope in Christ! Let’s stop devouring one another with our words, let’s grow up and mature. And for the love of God let us stop majoring in the minors. Let us, let go of the non-essentials and focus on what brings glory to God as His body. Many parts working together as ONE!


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